Enchanted Stories

We are all saddened that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we are not able to share the magic of the Enchanted Forest with you this year.

In the spirit and creativity of the season, however, the PRWS Eighth Grade class has embarked on an enchanted journey of another sort! The students have collaborated to write four original magical stories for you to enjoy over and over in audiobook (mp3) format.

All proceeds from the sale of this unique and captivating set will go towards the Eighth Grade trip at the end of the school year.

 The audiobook is available for order after 10/29/20, but gift bags will not be included with a late purchase.

These stories are safe for an audience of all ages.

About The Authors

PRWS Eighth Grade

These four original stories were written and performed by Iris Belling-Dunn, August Bieser, Reid Brown, Emma Brudos, Maya Fassbinder, Iris Gorrel, Emrys Hudnall, Madeline Madura, Zaiah Manspeaker, Wynne Roberts, Nanka Thimmesch, Sophia Thomas, Gibson Wade, and Zachary Whitaker.


“I was scared out of my gourd!”

— Stephen King

“These stories take the listener to amazing new worlds.”

— JK Rowling

“I cannot stop listening to these stories. Literally…my dad won’t let me listen to anything else.”

— Zachary Whitaker

“I haven’t heard anything this exciting since the soundtrack to Frozen.”

— Lin Manuel Miranda

Spread the word! Get your friends and family in on the fun!